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We founded Peru Biking to ride Peru’s amazing trails in the company of fellow MTB addicts from around the world. At the end of the day, we don’t want to simply offer a great guided ride along great trails. We want to have a great time with our riders both on and off the trail. We're not an international tour operator offering tours from the Swiss Alps to the Peruvian Andes. No, we're a local shop dedicated to offering affordable Peruvian mountain bike trips without compromises.


Our guides have dedicated years of their lives to exploring these trails, developing relationships in the communities through which they pass, and learning to be stewards of the special relationships that riders in Peru share with the land and Peru’s humble people. This truly is a unique mountain bike destination in the world and one that we wholeheartedly wish to preserve. Setting out to ride in Peru, you’re in for far more than another day in the bike park; it’s the ultimate mountain bike experience.


For us emergency preparedness is fundamental to operating a mountain bike agency, which is unfortunately a belief that many adventure tour operators in Peru do not share. We all hope that rides finish with a cold beer and smiling faces, but know that being prepared for whatever the trail has in store is just as much our job as is setting a good line. Our guides are certified Wilderness First Reponders (WFR) by Wilderness Medical Associates International, which lets our riders flow with the confidence that your guide is much more than a great mountain biker.



Ride blog

The New Frontier

11 March 2020
Welcome to Peru's new mountain bike frontier, The Santa Valley. Huaraz is just the gateway to a world of rarely ridden trails that make up riding heaven!
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Ausangate Freeride

26 April 2018
A freerider's dream come true. Mt. Ausangate is Christmas morning every time.
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Puerto Inca & Las Lomas de Atiquipa

28 June 2017
The Lomas of Atiquipa lie neighbor to Puerto Inca, a sheltered cove from which seafood and other native plants and game were transported to Cusco
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