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Peru Biking Team


Robert Pacheco

A Cusco native, who has also resided in Lima and the U.S.A., Robert always veered in the direction of adventure and adrenaline. His world changed when he realized that much of Peru’s rich culture and natural landscape was accessible on bike.  He prides himself on offering great rides, discovering new ones, and relentlessly exploring the world of gravity.






Rosa Libertad

My name is Rosa Libertad Cruz! I am a woman, vegetarian, animal lover and mountain bike lover.

I studied Human Medicine, but I have always leaned towards adventure sports, especially mountain biking in Enduro and Downhill modalities. For this reason I changed my life from a Doctor to the life of a Mountain Biker.

I am currently the National Champion in the Enduro and Downhill modalities. And I also work as a mountain guide in Peru Biking.

I like to show the world that women can ride a bicycle and make many impossible things possible.

I know the best bicycle destinations in my country and I feel very proud to show the best of my country to other visitors, its customs and my experience on 2 wheels.

Instagram: rosa_libertad



Felipe Rocha

Hello, my name is Felipe, I am a Brazilian who, luckily, does not like soccer, and happily yes, adventure sports, especially MTB. I live in Peru 10 years ago, since I met the Andes I have felt the call of the mountains.

I am a graduate in Chiropractic, I have more than 50 thousand services performed, with extensive experience in athletes.

In my first sabbatical year I dedicated myself to the work of High Mountain Guide in Peru Biking and I got to know the most extreme MTB trails in Peru.

In 2014 I joined to Peru Biking squad and since then we have explored various unimaginable routes for MTB, from deserts over 50º to the extreme cold of snow storms over 5000m in the Andes mountain ranges.

And I discovered that like me, there are many addicts to adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine, and all the sensations that only lovers of nature and radical sports understand, the state of flow that makes time stop and the soul rejuvenates.

Ride blog

The New Frontier

11 March 2020
Welcome to Peru's new mountain bike frontier, The Santa Valley. Huaraz is just the gateway to a world of rarely ridden trails that make up riding heaven!
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Ausangate Freeride

26 April 2018
A freerider's dream come true. Mt. Ausangate is Christmas morning every time.
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Puerto Inca & Las Lomas de Atiquipa

28 June 2017
The Lomas of Atiquipa lie neighbor to Puerto Inca, a sheltered cove from which seafood and other native plants and game were transported to Cusco
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