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Why Ride With Us?

We can think of plenty of reasons to ride with us as opposed to the other guys, but here are a few:

  • Wilderness First Responder-certified guides
  • Rides designed for riders. Period.
  • High quality YT CAPRA rental fleet
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Bikepacking expeditions & rides that no one else offers
  • Smaller groups for your Package rides
  • Great guides. Good times!

When booking a mountain bike tour in Peru, there are many factors that differentiate one tour agency from the next. Given the remote nature of the rides we offer, Peru Biking has dedicated countless hours to developing emergency contingency plans to better protect our clients. We've invested in the necessary equipment (satellite communicators, two-way radios, fully equipped first-aid kits, backboards and braces, etc.) and the proper training to respond in the event of trailside emergencies. You won't find this level of preparedness from low-cost tour operators.  Have questions about how we operate our rides. Check out our FAQs or send us an email at info@perubiking.com.


Our well-maintained fleet of YT CAPRA rental bikes are as good or better than any other rental bike you'll find in Peru. If you're planning on riding for 1 day or for two weeks, you can rest easy knowing that our bikes won't let you down for the limited time you have to enjoy Peru's epic trails.


Check out this article Peruvian Daze on Pinkbike to see what our partner agency thought about the riding experience with Peru Biking.

Ride blog

The New Frontier

11 March 2020
Welcome to Peru's new mountain bike frontier, The Santa Valley. Huaraz is just the gateway to a world of rarely ridden trails that make up riding heaven!
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Ausangate Freeride

26 April 2018
A freerider's dream come true. Mt. Ausangate is Christmas morning every time.
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Puerto Inca & Las Lomas de Atiquipa

28 June 2017
The Lomas of Atiquipa lie neighbor to Puerto Inca, a sheltered cove from which seafood and other native plants and game were transported to Cusco
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