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Sacred Valley Singletrack

3 days


The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a world famous mountain bike destination, it contains some of the best trails and single tracks than the Peruvian Andes has to offer and a ridiculous amount of incas archeological sites and really old incas trails that are the perfect playground for mountain bike nowadays.


We designed 3 different itineraries in order to fit with all kind of riders :



Intermediate :

A great mix between flowy trails and some technical parts passing across the archeological must see spots of Cusco and the Sacred Valley . Suitable for all level of riders.
Total Distance : 82 km / Descent : 4700m / Uphill : 20% / Downhill : 80%



Advance / Pro :

A selection of the most extremes trails and single tracks of Cusco and the Sacred Valley rided by the best mtb riders of the word. Good skills of mountain biking and a good physical shape is required.
Total Distance : 136 km / Descent : 10500 m / Uphill : 10% / Downhill : 90%




A ride through the mountains of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, assisted by powerful electric bikes, where we will be able to reach the top of the mountains and descend into deep valleys. For intermediate to advanced Enduro riders

Total Distance : 100km / Ascent : 2200m / Descent : 4800 m / Uphill : 20% / Flat : 20% / Downhill : 60%




  • Good times with a fun-loving team of guides
  • Flowy, technicals and unforgettable singletrack
  • Ride down into The Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Acient 800-year-old trails
  • Visit some of the must-archeological spots of Cusco and the Sacred Valley
  • Charming lodging in The Sacred Valley




What to keep in mind about biking in Cusco


Cusco - Sacred Valley of the Incas and Ausangate mountain bike trails are widely recognized as some of the best mountain bike trails on the planet.


The trails, in very few cases, were made for bicycles; They were originally Inca paths to connect the high towns of the Andes with the towns of nearby valleys and used by local people and walkers to this day.


We will have a great mix of bike trails and living culture. Given the high elevation of most trails, vegetation can be sparse, but what it lacks in trees it makes up for in rocks.


The bike trails are between 3,500 meters and 5,000 meters of elevation. Most ascents will be by shuttle; however, approximately 12% of all routes have climbs.


Rain and clouds are always a possibility. It is recommended to prepare for high altitude rides for long days.


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Day 1 : Cusco Backyard


We will ride the most famous mountain bike trails in the city of Cusco. 

These trails are located close to the city and are featured by being very flow and fun, suitable for all levels of riders. 


Trails :

Total Distance : 25km / Ride time : 4 hours / Descent : 900m / Uphill : 20% / Downhill : 80%


Lunch included
Night in the Sacred Valley included




Day 2 : Lares and Lamay


IT'S IMPOSSIBLE for a mountain biker to complete these two trails for the first time without saying “I would like to ride them again”.

These two mountain bike trails are the most famous and popular in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and some of the most famous internationally, due to the incredible scenery, super flowy and long trails.

Both trails are suitable for any type of mountain biker.


Our vehicle will take us to 4,461 meters high, "Abra de Lares", where the party starts; We guarantee Lares mountain bike trail will blow your mind; Ancient Inca trails, wild valleys, immense mountains, absolute beauty and many llamas and alpacas along the way. Our ride ends in the town of Calca (2850 masl).


After a typical lunch, our shuttle will take us to Lamay town (Community of Sapaccto - 4,310 masl), from where we will ride down an incredible mountain bike trail, which is featured by being thin and absolutely flowy and fast.

Along the ride we will be able to appreciate the way of life of the small local communities and villages. Finally, the trail ends in the town of Lamay at 2,960 meters, where our vehicle will be waiting for us and return. 


Trails :

Total Distance : 30km / Ride time : 5 hours / Descent : 2300m / Uphill : 15% / Downhill : 85%

Breakfast & Lunch included
Night in the Sacred Valley included




Day 3 : Maras y Moray


The rides of this day are spectacular, passing by world famous places such as:


-The Salt Mines of Maras (made up of salt platforms in the mountain where salt has been extracted since Inca times and is currently considered the best gourmet salt in the world). 

-Moray Inca Complex (made up of concentric circles built by the Incas for the domestication and acclimatization of plants - agricultural laboratory).

These trails are characterized by being arid, dusty and very fluid, with incredible landscapes. 


Trails :

  • Maras Clasico & Moray Maras 2

Total : 27km / Ride time : 5 hours biking / Descent :1500 mt. Down  / Uphill : 25%  / Downhill : 75%  

Return to Cusco and transfer to your accommodation

Breakfast & Lunch Included



Advanced / Pro


# of riders 2 3-4 5-6
USD (per rider) 1200 US 980.00 US 750 US



  • Professional full suspension bike
  • Transfers from / to Hotel
  • Private mobility with bike rack
  • First aid kit
  • Bike tools
  • 3 Lunches and 3 breakfasts
  • Lodging at the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads)
  • Water and snacks
  • Photos and Videos

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